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Any information collected by Arvada Rocks Radio an online radio station,  or transmitted through our website is considered confidential and at no time will we share, sell, or otherwise release such information partially or in its entirety to any third party unless pursuant of an investigation of suspected unlawful, harmful, or otherwise illegal activity, or strictly required to by law as a direct result of such proceedings as a court order or a legal process.
We may send the user site and service announcements and updates.
We communicate with the users to provide requested services and in regards to issues relating to their accounts via email.

When connecting to our radio stream, your IP address will be sent to our radio service 
provider in order for us to track listening trends and provide licensing bodies with 
royalty reports. Once our service provider receives your IP it is immediately anonymised, deleted and becomes untraceable. This data is never sold on or passed to other companies.
iOS Apps

The Arvada Rocks Radio iOS App does not collect any user data when installed or launched on your device.

Android Apps
Apps for Android do not collect personal data, but may monitor other apps on a user's device in order to control the audio. 

When a Arvada Rocks Radio Android app is launched on a device, it will continually monitor the 'state' of the phone app (idle, incoming call, in call, and call ended). This is to ensure the audio can pause if the user receives or makes a phone call. The app does not record audio or collect phone numbers. The app also requires access to the user's local storage in order to store your app configuration (colours and images) on the device.

The Arvada Rocks Radio Android App does not collect any user data during use. In order to provide audio control during Phone App use, the App will monitor the 'state' of the phone App (Idle, in call, call ended) if applicable on your device. At no point will the App be able to listen in or derive phone numbers or data. 

The Android App also requires access to local storage. This is to store its configuration for faster launch times. 


Arvada Rocks Radio

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