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You see us comin' and you all together run for cover

We're taking over this town.

Well, at least the blog

Since the last time you heard from me, I lost some friends. Well, hell, me and Logi, we dippin' again. We've spent some time down in Ægir's Keep, our studio, laying down some heavy jams. Logi has written some cool riffs, and is now working on lyrics. The God of Fire sure knows what he's doing. What we've got cooked up so far is fantabulous! Even working with a riff he came up with ages ago! Looking forward to you all hearing EP#4 when it's done!

Karì has laid down his drums, and in good time. He's been out ensuring the winds keep blowing. Don't fret though, thats Logi's job...he plays guitar, fret...get it? Ha, nevermind. Anyways, Karì was explicitly told not to let freezing rain in our area, but I'm fairly certain he wasn't listening. He can bring snow, but ain't nobody got time for freezing rain! We may need to send Logi and Surtr out to melt the freezing rain, but not the snow. There's too much tobogganing and skiing to be done!

Before we check out to work on lyrics, I would invite you to check out our friends Suns of Static. They just released an album, with another coming shortly. They also just released a lyric video for their song Exile. You can check it out here

The influence of Jerry Cantrell and Alice in Chains is pretty evident! These guys rock, and you should follow them...

On twitter:

On facebook:

Anyways...Logi is calling; wants to run some lyrics by me. Take care of yourselves, stay safe, and come rock with the Sea!



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