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Wicked Garden - Bipolarcoaster

I interviewed Dominick from 'Wicked Garden' 10/29/2021

See the interview here

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Las Vegas Rock 4 piece Wicked Garden are back with their new single ‘Bipolarcoaster’, the title track from their upcoming new mini album. Blending sounds of 90's grunge with a classic hard rock foundation, the band have established themselves with a series of releases which have seen them gain over 750,000 streams worldwide and chart in multiple countries.

The follow up to their previous album 'Post Dystopian Leisure Music' and follow up singles 'Home, Too Far' and 'Over and Done', 'Bipolarcoaster' see’s the band return to their stylistic heavy rock sound. Opening with airy feedback, a rolling bass and drum beat underlined by the eerie sound of a roller coaster rolling along its tracks, the single sets the tone for the heavy, head banger to come. A sonic assault packed with the bands trademark vocal hooks, pounding drums and thunderous guitar riffs, ‘Bipolarcoaster’ packs a punch whilst conveying a personal message.

A track which is not only packed with appeal from it’s driving, rock sensibilities, Bipolarcoaster also see's the band tackle the difficult subject of mental health struggles.

Speaking about Bipolarcoaster, lead vocalist Dominick Muzio said:

“Everyone deals with issues differently, and sometimes we don't realize how this affects the people around us. ‘Bipolarcoaster’ is about someone being so wrapped up in their own head with their issues that they can end up destroying the people who care the most about them.”

Having already gained critical acclaim, Wicked Garden are definitely a band to keep your eye on for the future.

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