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We're here for a good time, but, not a long time

Updated: Apr 16

Life is a path...

...while death is a destination, we need to ensure we pull off the road every once in a while to smell the flowers. We're only here once, and we don't make it out alive!

Our path has ventured off the beaten road for the last bit, but as always, there are reasons.

You will be delighted to know that new music is in the works. The follow up to ...the Noise of Thunder! is underway. We're excited to see where this path takes the band and the music. We are also about to unmoor the ship, and crash the Sea into some shores to spread our rock to more masses. If you are available, check out our socials for more tour info!

Like this!

This month, we answered some questions for Absolute Underground, a music magazine here in Canada. Talked music, the band, and just had fun! Check it out here

Also, we had a chat with Spike on the Backstage with Spike podcast. We had some great laughs! It is being released on April 17, 2023. You can check it out on Spotify, along with his many other episodes with other amazing bands and musicians! Make sure to look for it, and follow him!

Friends of the Sea, Iconoclast in Ottawa, have just released a new song from their upcoming album called Disappear. Check it out, because it RIPS!!

It is turning into a beautiful spring here in Kingston. We won't tie you down with words and blogs...check out ...the Noise of Thunder! if you haven't yet, here join us on social media @madwetsea and let's have some fun!

Until next time!


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