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Unbreakable by Mylane

I interviewed Mylane March 27th, 2021 - See it here

Mylane is an Italian alternative metal band formed in 2019 and composed by the guitar player Andrea Curti, Fulvio Santarpia on drums, frontman of the band is Pietro Canette and Luca Maddonini as the bass player.

Their style is characterized by the wise succession of dynamic guitar sounds and powerful riffs a la Breaking Benjamin, which enhance a clean and enveloping voice reminiscent of Matt Walst, lead singer of Three Days Grace, assisted by electronic and orchestral parts a la RED.


Unbreakable by Mylane

Produced by Mylane & Gianluca Guidetti Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Gianluca Guidetti at Accademia Del Suono (Milan, Italy) Video directed by: Mylane & Sara Marani Videoshoot & Editing: Fulvio Santarpia & Sara Marani Compositing, Motion Graphic & VFX: Sara Marani

Mylane are: Vocals: Pietro Canette Guitar/Vocals: Andrea Curti Bass: Luca Maddonini Drums/Vocals: Fulvio Santarpia

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