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THOUGHTCRIME'S cover of Uprising by Muse.

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

THOUGHTCRIME is a metal band from Denver, Colorado. Their debut EP released in 2021, showcasing an original sound and uncompromising lyricism in an era of corporate-backed artists and creative bankruptcy.

Miguel Ruiz — Vocals, Lead/Rhythm Guitars

Drew Cope — Vocals, Bass Guitar

Isaac Clark — Lead/Rhythm Guitars

Jeff Govert — Drums, Percussion


THOUGHTCRIME'S playthrough of our cover of Uprising by Muse.

I interviewed Thought Crime 11/20/2021 - See it here

We chose to cover "Uprising" by Muse because the lyrics embody everything we are about as a band pretty well. This song was actually the inspiration for us when we wrote "Not Anymore," the first track off of our debut EP. The Muse version is great, but we think we were able to add our own flair to the song.

Thank you to Ben at Juggernaut Studios for your help and Muse for your inspiration!

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Lew's Take:

41/2 Heavy Rocks

Song: This is a cover song from the band Muse. "The best form of flattery is to have someone else play your music". The melody has that 'stick with you - can't get it out of my head'. The vocals are all enunciated very well and at just the right volume. As a drummer I can appreciate Jeff's triplet pattern beat. Yes, it definitly sounds like the band Muse with Thought Crime adding their own distinct sound. Overall the song keeps you tapping your foot and booping your head. If you like hard/metal rock you'll really enjoy this song!

Video: Very cool! Very well done! Keeps you watching. I love the way the scenes fade from live to recorded. The same drums stacked in the background adds that 'did ya notice?' I have to admit that I'm biased to videos with 'live scenes'. Because with live scenes can you feel the engery.

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