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The time Lew dressed up as a woman...

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

The year 1981ish…. Early fall….

Band: 1st formation of ‘Neon Nights’

Joel Humphrey: 2 keyboards (1 lead and 1 bass) Vocals

Mike ?: Phenomenal guitar, wawa peddle master

Lew The Drummer Gundy

The Venues: Dub’s Pub, Buckley AFB, Large bar in Lamar, CO. (Name escapes me)

I had run an ad in a music shop magazine, something like -

‘Rock Drummer looking for a band and sit-ins. Need a drummer tonight? Call - 123-4567’

I had done 3 or 4 sit-ins from this ad when the call came in from Joel, “We just lost our drummer and have a gig tonight (Friday), and tomorrow (Saturday). Can you fill-in?’ “Sure,” I said.

I remember rushing to pack my 4pc Rodgers kit into my pickup and arriving just in time to set-up. And, 1,2,3,4.... into the 1st set.

Night went well. I loved doing these fill-ins because - ‘It didn’t matter’ If I made a mistake I was just a fill-in. I was able to just relax, reach that ‘double vision’ and kick ass!

Saturday night was another good night.

It was before the 5th set that Joel asked if I could continue with them for a special event the next Sunday at Buckley AFB Officers Club, and then the week after in Lamar CO. I agreed.

We had a total of 2 practices before Sunday at Buckley AFB. I believe it was during the 1st practice that Joel came up with the idea to do a skit during our 1st break.

This idea was for Lew to be the lady in the skit. Joel and Lew are seated at a table by Mike (playing the waiter). Joel and Lew mime getting into a fight and Lew leaves arm in arm with Mike. The audience loved it!

So, the night went very well overall. However, straight from the stage to Mike's station wagon and on the road to Lamar, CO at 1am. I’m a little fuzzy on why we did this. I remember arriving at the motel at around 6am then crashing and then playing that (Monday) night.

During the trip was when I learned that Joel and Mike had been in a band together before and Mike was just passing through from Chicago to Las Vegas where he had a steady gig lined up. Mike was a phenomenal guitar player! He had that special gift. I learned alot from him in this very short time span.. Like, stage presance, mindset and how to prepare. Thanks Mike wherever you are!

The rest of the week went better each night up to Saturday night when we were the front band for ‘Sugarloaf’!

After this gig Mike went on to Las Vegas and Joel and I would reform in a few years.

Rock On Dude! Continued....

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