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The night Lew set off the smoke alarms at Sams on Lookout mountain

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

‘I was dreamin when I wrote this so forgive me if it goes astray..’


The year 1976ish… Early Summer…

Band: Good n’ Evil

The venue: Sam's on Lookout Mountain.

Sam's was a live rock music attraction from the '50's through the mid-'80's

We had played Sams a couple of times before but this time was different.

The stage had moved from the south east corner to the north wall.

Stage right - was the oversized double door entrance from the front bar area.

Stage left - there were a few tables and the west wall/window overlooking Denver.

The dance floor, table and chairs and bar in front.

I was still living at home and had a neighbor ‘Mr. Watson’. He loaded his own

shotgun shells. You see where this is going… he turned me on to some slow

burning gunpowder and I would roll a joint of gunpowder with a model

rocket igniter in the middle. Mark the sound/light man controlled the switch.

I don’t remember the song but it had a drum solo... then as we held the ending forever

(what we called a Grand Funk ending) I stood up on my throne and bass drum while

slamming my raised crash cymbals,,,, and... wait for it …… BOOM!!

There was a HUGE cloud of smoke in front of my drum kit that I jumped through.

WOW! Cool!

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, went the smoke alarms!

We played the next night (Saturday) without the pyrotechnics and not again?

Rock On Dude!


The Night Lew Set Off Smoke Alarms
Download MP3 • 2.93MB

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