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Small Town Sindrome - My Favorite Frustration (Official Music Video)

Small Town Sindrome is a U.S. alternative rock band from Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

The band members are Brian Gandy (vocals, guitars, and main songwriter), Adam Mahoney (drums), and John Hakala (vocals and bass guitar). Small Town Sindrome, or STS, for short, has gained an impressive world-wide following since its formation in 2018. “How This Ends”, the band’s debut album, was released in 2019 across most digital platforms, and blends a high-energy classic punk rock sound with creative pop melodies and lyrics.

STS is anxiously awaiting the opportunity to resume touring the continental U.S. as well as South America, Europe, Australia, and the Philippines.


Small Town Sindrome - My Favorite Frustration (Official Music Video)

‘It was a thrill for us to be able to create our music in the very same studio where one of our favorite bands of all time (as well as a major influence of ours) recorded some of their greatest stuff. Pete was incredible to work with, and we never had to ask twice for him to jump in with a cool guitar riff’

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