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My life's like a soundtrack I wrote to the beat

Hello stranger (Oooo) It seems so good to see you back again; How long has it been? (Oooo) Seems like a mighty long time!

Hey y'all! We're a lie, You and I; we're words without a rhyme, but the dance goes on. I know its been a Valhalla minute, but truth be told, we Gods have been busy. Since we last stopped in, quite awhile ago, a bit has happened. We released our second single from our upcoming EP, called Darkness Falls, which has been getting some airplay here on Arvada Rocks Radio! Big thanks to Lew for playing it, and you all for loving it!

We picked a title for the new EP...since the theme of the EP follows the apocalypse, we went with (and I heard, as it were)...the Noise of Thunder! The artwork was done by Septian Masnaputra (you can find them here ...make sure to follow!).

The other thing happened...we joined forces with MX-Pro Records, who mixed and mastered ...the Noise of Thunder! It sounds awesome, and we can't wait to work further with Jorg!

Lastly... the Noise of Thunder! Comes out June 5, 2022...everywhere you consume music (except our bandcamp page) so make sure to check it out!

Before we check out...we'd love if you cranked some Rockin Engine! They are a metal band from our neck of the woods that we think you'll like. They just released a song in support of Ukraine with Jorg called Fear Love Hate, hear it here and follow their social media too!

Find your life vest for June 5, because the Sea is going to rock your boat!

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