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MadWetSea - Darkness Falls

See my latest interview with Logi from MadWetSea here

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Twitter @MadWetSea Facebook

Soundcloud: Mad Wet Sea on Soundcloud

Youtube ; Mad Wet Sea on Youtube

Bandcamp - Mad Wet Sea on Bandcamp

Spotify - Mad Wet Sea on Spotify

Apple Music - Mad Wet Sea on Apple Music

Physical CD sales at - Kunaki

Also available in iTunes, and all other major streaming platforms

See their posts on our blog!

"We are a four piece hard rock band from Kingston, ON, Canada that has roots in our home world of Hlesey. We believe that rock has gotten too polished, too commercialized, and we are here to bring back the raw grittiness of it. I, Ægir, run the band with my brothers Logi and Karì, and our Fire Giant cousin, Surtr. Logi sings for us, and provides rhythm guitar, while Surtr provides the fantastic lead lines you'll hear. I provide the low end bass, while Kari pummels the drums!"


MadWetSea - Darkness Falls

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