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Local Bands List - We Support

Updated: Jan 11

Remember, you can add these songs to the quench in the members area

Bedrokk - Bio & Song: We Are An Army Twitter: @BedrokkV8 FaceBook Website

Bigmotorgasoline - Bio & Song: Feelin' Alright

Break me Down - Interview Song: See Me Fall Twitter: @BreakMeDownIT LinkTree

Cole Toury - Song: 4th Side Of A Triangle

Death Of A Legend - Interview Song: The Call Song: Cruel Summer

Twitter: @PressThis_PR FaceBook

Debbie Ray - Song: American Nightmare

Fish Mittens The - Interview 2nd Interview Song - Strawberry Jam Song: Peep Show

Song - What a F**king Liberty Twitter: @TheFishMittens FaceBook

Hit n' Mizz - Interview Song: My God Song: Want Me Twitter: @HitMizz

FaceBook Website

Indigore - Interview Song: Floating Away FaceBook YouTube

Kez The - Song: Ready To Roll

Klaus Passegger - Interview Song: Whodoneit Twitter: @Klaus_Passegger

FaceBook Website

Krooked Tongue - Interview Song: Vampyre Twitter: @krooked_tongue

FaceBook Website

Lydia & The Wild Cards - Song: Medical Marijuana (Request in the members area)

Mad Wet Sea - Interview Song: Free Twitter: @MadWetSea Website

Massive - Bio & Song: Rise Twitter: @massiveoz FaceBook

Mylane - Interview Song: Unbreakble Song: Save Yourself

Twitter: @PressThis_PR FaceBook

Neptune Rain - Interview & Song: We Breath The Same Twitter: @neptune_rain FaceBook

New Black Diamonds The - Interview Song: Through Fire (Request in members area)

Phantom Rockets The - Interview Song: Criminal Song: Monster

Twitter: @PressThis_PR FaceBook

Rénovations - Interview Song: La Radio Song: I Feel No Pain (Request in members area)

Twitter: @r3novations FaceBook Website

Small Town Sindrome - Song: My Favorite Frustration Twitter: @TownSindrome FaceBook

Tesla Shamans - Interview Song: Shamans Twitter: @PressThis_PR FaceBook

Thought Crime - Interview Song: Uprising Twitter: @THOUGHTCRIME420

FaceBook Website

Trashed - Interview Song: Memories Twitter: @TrashedOfficial FaceBook Website

Wicked Garden - Interview Song: Bipolarcoaster Twitter: @WickedGardenLV

FaceBook Website

Word 66 The - Interview Song: Spirit In The Sky Song: On The Way To The Promised Land

Twitter: @TWord66 FaceBook Website

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