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Lew interviews the 'Renovations'

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

I Interviewed the Renovations April 19th, 2021.

I received thier video 'La Radio' October 1st, 2021.

Back in my day I was lucky to belong to bands that were formed in my city.

This Renovations band has members from France, Italy, and Romania and then they are based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I feel worldly just knowing Ionana, Charlotte, and Gian. (lol)

In the few short months between the interview and receiving thier video they have GROWN!

Listen to the two songs and you'll see/hear what I mean.

I see nothing but success for this trio! - Rock On!

You can add thier song 'I Feel No Pain' or 'La Radio' to the quench in the members area


Electro-grunge, mainland European trio Renovations aim to freshen up 90s rock by blending their driving grunge back bone with electronica touches.

Renovations started out as a mainly-covers band but as the pandemic hit, the band put sole focus on their original music and are currently working mostly remotely. Given the brief

window of limited freedom in the summer in Scotland, the band took the opportunity to shoot thier first video, which has been commended for capturing the spirited energy of Renovations.

The release of their third single, "I Feel No Pain" captured the attention of BBC Introducing, (About the same time they captured the attention of Arvada Rocks Radio!)

commending them for their fast work pace and having a "stadium-filling sound". Soon afterwards Renovations caught the ears of Scottish-based Twenty Stone Blatt Records, who will be working with the band formally as of April 2021 onwards and are helping them prepare as the world slowly starts to open up.

The back story of Renovations begins with the French singer and bass player: After Charlotte returned from a trip to Thailand in July 2019, she was offered a gig opportunity, but she needed a few more musicians to build a rock set. She reached to Italian-born drummer Gian in order to discuss the revival of an old band project. After a few minutes at Edinburgh's Brass Monkey pub, she convinced him - with the beverges' help - to reunite. A few phone calls and messages later, the line-up was completed with Romanian guitarist Ioana and the band began building their alternative sound, based in Edinburgh, Scotland.


La radio

Radio, Radio x2

Je voudrais vous parler de quelque chose, une rumeur que l’on entend tous les jours à la radio, des histoires de virus et de famine, ce sont nos morts

Tous les matins au réveil j’aimerai être bercée par mes rêves, mais j’en crève

Ce soir je me rends compte que le monde est détruit et qu’il ne reste que toi et moi

Mais c’est ainsi que la vie est faite, nous ne pouvons fuir, la lumière apporte l’espoir mais elle n’est qu’une illusion sur les ondes de la radio, sur les ondes de la radio, sur les ondes…

Tous les matins au réveil j’aimerai être bercée par mes rêves, mais j’en crève

L’imaginaire me gère et m’entraine vers ces monts et merveilles x2


Radio, Radio x2

I would like to tell you something, a rumour that we hear every day on the radio, stories of virus and famine, it's always about death

Every morning when I wake up I want to be rocked by my dreams, but it’s killing me

Tonight I realize that the world is destroyed and only you and me remain, but this is Life, we can’t run, the light brings hope but it’s an illusion, on the radio waves, on the radio waves, on the waves of the radio

Every morning when I wake up I want to be rocked by my dreams, but it’s killing me

Imaginary manipulating me and dragging me towards the mountains and wonderlands x2

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