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Lew Interviews The Phantom Rockets

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

I interviewed 'The Phantom Rockets June 7th, 2021

You can add their song 'Criminal' or 'Monster' to the quench in the members area.

The Phantom Rockets are a power duo from Milan featuring Stefano Cascioli (vocals and guitar) and Mattia Giambini (drums).

The band offers a kaleidoscopic mix of rock, blues and alternative rock that creates a modern and aggressive sound, and today, May 5th 2021, it is proud to present its first single Criminal, now available on all digital streaming platforms

Stefano, singer and guitarist, declares: “I personally started this project right before this whole pandemic thing blew up. In the beginning, I didn’t know exactly where I was going, I just wanted to start over again after quitting my former band. The idea of The Phantom Rockets came way after when I realized I wanted to do something different from all I did before. My passion for outer space stuff kinda merged with the one for music and that’s when things started making sense.

Mattia, drummer, adds: “The Phantom Rockets is a project that I didn’t look for but when I got a call from a mutual friend (Steph Orkid from SPVN studio) I understood, inside of me, that it was something that I wish it would have happened at some point. I listened to the draft of the songs and I immediately decided I would join the project.

Also, Stefano and I have known each other for several years but we had never played together before so I thought this would be the right time

Rock On Dude!

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