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  • Lew

Lew interviews 'The New Black Diamonds'

Updated: Oct 10

I interviewed Klara September 24th, 2021

All members of the band 'are' or 'have been' music teachers!

To hear their song 'Through Fire' go to the members area and add it to the quench.

Download 'Through Fire' here

Biography The New Black Diamonds

The Swedish rock band The New Black Diamonds is based in the city of Eksjö and has been around for 1.5 years, but the band members are all experienced musicians with a broad musical background.

The music that is played is self-composed rock music by Catrine Jakobsen and is influenced by bands such as Deep purple, Joan Jett, Orianthi and Black Stone Cherry and there are elements of both blues and pop splashes.

The 23-year-old singer Klara Frisk fronts the band and has also written the lyrics to

the latest release Redemption Day.

The band is united by a passion for playing and developing

rock music together.

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