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Lew Interviews 'The Fish Mittens' - Take 2

The Fish Mittens are a four-piece indie/punk band from Kent - UK

They were formed as a three-piece in London in 2011 and played mainly on the London club circuit with regular performances at the famous 12 Bar Club - Denmark street.

The band went into a 4-year hiatus in 2013 due to some personal issues but reformed again for a charity gig in 2017. This meeting was to mark the start of The Fish Mittens comeback and through some minor changes to our line up, we now have the 4 permanent members who are looking forward to recording and gigging up and down the country.

Our debut single 'Strawberry Jam' was released on 8th November 2020 and has received some amazing feedback, and was voted in the top 5 singles of 2020 by HRH punk show. Our debut album My wife's clothes don't fit me anymore was released on Feb 14th 2021 and is available to purchase on Bandcamp.

In 2023 we have been invited to play The HRH Punk Show at Sheffield 02 with Cockney Rejects and we will be releasing a new 10 track album.

This is the 2nd interview I had with 'The Fish Mittens'. See the 1st interview here

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