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Lew interviews Logi from 'Mad Wet Sea'

I interviewed Logi from 'Mad Wet Sea' 10/28/2021

It is I, Ægir, and I control the Sea. My band, Mad Wet Sea, has begun working on a new EP, but we just found you on Twitter and wanted to share some of our music with you, in hopes that you would play it prior to our new release

We are a four piece hard rock band from Kingston, ON, Canada that has roots in our home world of Hlesey. We believe that rock has gotten too polished, too commercialized, and we are here to bring back the raw grittiness of it. I, Ægir, run the band with my brothers Logi and Karì, and our Fire Giant cousin, Surtr. Logi sings for us, and provides rhythm guitar, while Surtr provides the fantastic lead lines you'll hear. I provide the low end bass, while Kari pummels the drums!

Our newest EP, Champion the Abyss, was largely written during the latter half of 2020; the world was going to hell, and everyone was watching one of the World's superpowers eat itself. Dealing with themes that affect us all, especially in those troubling times like freedom, fighting for fairness and equality, we must all join the fight to ensure we all survive, because we are meant to be free. Our previous EP, The Siren's Call, was a concept record following the likes of Odysseus off to war, passing the isle with the Siren's; avert your ears, or meet your fate! Prior to that, our first EP we released was called FREEDOM. Our first release as a band. It also contained the cover Love is a Battlefield with Robyn Sweet on vocals.

Mad Wet Sea - Free

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