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Introducing Massive's brand new single "Rise"

Updated: Oct 15

To hear their song 'Rise' go to the members area and add it to the quench.

Massive's brand new single is a 3 minute high octane, no holds barred, fist pumping,

head banging, good time. The band recorded the new tune in multiple studios on opposite

sides of the world and produced it back home in Melbourne Australia with Ricki Rae.

There are no hidden messages or statements being made. After a tough 18 months for everyone, this is music to get you rev'd up.

Brad Marr (Vocals, Guitar) comments: "Rise is a song full of built up energy. We're

exploding to get back on a stage, turn up our amps and smash this out at full speed.

We want nothing more than to drink beers and smash ears."

The new single is being released exclusively on the NWOCR Volume 1 Compilation with Massive alongside only Thundermother and The New Roses as the international inclusions on the double album.

With 3 full length records and multiple international tours under their belts, Massive are

no strangers to the scene. The full throttle rockers have built their following the old

fashioned way; by getting in a van and winning over crowds. They will be back on the road

this October/November 2021 touring with The Quireboys as well as a run of headline shows and a main stage appearance at Hard Rock Hell Festival.

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