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Community Table needs your help to make a difference for those who need it most.

Dear Friends,

Families are counting on us more than ever this holiday season, with many seeking help for the very first time.

During a season traditionally filled with festive gatherings and holiday meals, many people will not be able to afford food for themselves or their families. Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic and related economic fallout have created a new group of people who never imagined needing help to feed their families. Many people who never thought twice about being able to afford a holiday meal realize this year will be different. Because living expenses keep rising, even families with two incomes often can't make ends meet and struggle daily to put enough food on the table.

Such is the case of Emily, a nursing assistant who experienced the effects of the pandemic first-hand. Even though the single mom had cut her cable television and other luxuries to reduce her spending, she often skipped meals so that there would be food for her children and enough money to pay the rent. Eventually, even skipping meals was not enough. Faced with possible eviction, she asked everyone she knew where she could get help.

"It is hard to ask for help, but I have to do what I can to keep food on the table for my kids and me," says Emily. "I will always be grateful that I found Community Table. The kind people who provided not only food but the hope that helped me to make a better life for my children."

We are fortunate to live in a generous and caring community, with many people increasing their charitable giving in response to the pandemic and its economic impact. This outpouring of support allows us to increase food distribution and provide for more people than ever before.

But, unfortunately, we do not expect the need for food assistance to decrease any time soon. The number of hungry families in our community, if anything, continues growing.

So, as we enter this season of giving, can you make a special holiday gift today?

Your generous gift will help us provide meals for our neighbors facing hunger this holiday season. For every $1 you donate, we can provide THREE wholesome and satisfying meals along with a side dish of HOPE!

Make A Gift Here

Thank you and Happy Holidays!


Sandy Martin

Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Together, we can bring hope home for the holidays to thousands of our neighbors who would otherwise go without food. I hope you'll join in the season of sharing with a generous gift of food for families, children and seniors. Just $1 provides THREE nutritious and filling meals!

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